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SFOL 40: FE Echoes II [4/16] Day 6: A Fallen Field - Tatarrah Wins (And technically the Rigelians and Deliverance too but it's iffy)


Including calling me a neut smh


also that there was a tatarrah
also that they decided to help me


Don’t react to anything


No, cuz Merc claimed Neut and I was like wot ;-;


If you ignore reaction tests that will get you killed too~


I’m not talking about 9000 IQ plays


For my next trick I will openwolf!


Be me.


Insanity coulda repeated the results to let my slow mind soak in the info

Because that info got lost somewhere I dont know


You can ignore them you just have to do it a certain way.


Except you said you had mechnical info (which you did) and then decided to say ‘I think you’re neut’ and then decided to say you confused me like I can confuse mechnical info


How funny was it when we started open wolfing with WEEEE WOO


I tried to fake claim alm because I thought the king was evil


I was confused and I’m glad I didn’t out all the way I was like this is a trap so I decided to confuse everyone


Dont even know why I did that after that lol


wee woo wee woo

I can’t really know if you two are Rigelian or Neut or Deliverance when I compared you two .-.


FK stop making me like u


How do I do this


Shurian was on my scum radar all game tbh lol


ye also mines