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SFOL 40: FE Echoes II [4/16] Day 6: A Fallen Field - Tatarrah Wins (And technically the Rigelians and Deliverance too but it's iffy)


They didn’t lol


Both you and Celeste dayvigged me


Celeste didn’t lol


Fk hit Luxy with a 5%


Also here you guys

Behold the mess


I would’ve pushed so hard on Marcus, then firekitten once I saw marcus flip alm


Five percent? FIVE PERCENT?!


That’s the most FE thing in this thread


Yeah, im honestly for pushing a Marg blacklist tbh.


1% crit lul


Yeah, FK is the new RNGod now boyos.

Praise him.


Celeste gave me the luck tho


Nah, you have your own luck.


Also gg Squid, only person who deserved to win.


tbf I did good to mislynch math


You have the Devil’s own luck


Garrison Luxy, Bolster Reaper

I literally asked for my own death


Math was high I swear lol


He wasn’t lol


He didn’t want to go after a scumslipped player (Marcus)