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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


I reaped you n1 one because of this.

Since you typically claim a strong PR when you’re a weak one to draw in nightkills I assumed you’d do the reverse if you rolled a PR, so I thought that you’d have a good chance of flipping Prince here.


You are over estimating people now :wink:


Originally I was going to reap you, so hadn’t I changed my mind then both of evils would have killed the Warlock n1 >_>


I never even used exhume lul


Exhume’s useful to round down what NK is in the game. Plus, if you get a PK as the killer, then it rounds down the NK to a single person.


Alice rate How I played in this game from 1 to 10


Exhume is stupid and unneeded tbh


You are stupid and unneeded tbh.



Eh, I’d suggest you try to mix your town behavior into your scum behavior. The difference between them is fairly noticeable and that’s why I found you without even needing Baz’s red check.


Dont you dare disrespect Phys


Yeah alch is boring as fuck

Also only having one bomb made me want to save it for later but I never got the opportunity to use it :frowning:


Who were you planning to bomb?


Does Exhume tell you that the Psycho King killed someone, or just the NK that they were before they became PK?


It would say that the king killed them


Depends on the situation but probably you or frost as I bled baz


@MaximusPrime I can’t believe you didn’t side with me :angry:


If Alice was gk, frost was the nk, and there were abyss still alive, then I would’ve tried to make it a solo alch win with my single bomb :^)


Just because knight didn’t coldsteel anyone doesn’t mean it’s automatically assumed to be scum

I am glad I get to be alive to see the win


Please remove your tinfoil hat.


I knew it before anyone else knew it :thinking: