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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


I get MVP for dying N1


If I was Alive D2 when y’all just started claiming I would have said I’m using carnage lol


The Like Limit Gets Closer!


What is carnage


Warlock ability


Its so silent, all games are in night time


Note: Never try to convert Squid; every time you try, you get juked


Never do.
Unless you’re me or Whammerist or Alfa

Then yes convert her by all means


Convert me I am always up to being next lynch


Ain’t in this game so I can’t say anything :stuck_out_tongue:


The game is over though


When’s the next SFOL?


Never again




It’s also because I’m in another game with hjasik (even if its night time)


Did Maximus actually heal me?


He probably did


Also he healed alice And delayed end of the game by day for no reason


He did want to cause chaos, remember.


why the fuck was a Night killed lmaoo