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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


And straight lynched all the physicians and I said, counterclaim! I am the 3rd


No fucks were given


I wasn’t pitying fk when I decided we should change it, I just thought it was needless confirmability :^)


Okay, I just found out someone tried to convert me yet again. Purity streak is still strong :^)


I used Eradication n1 and got juicy targets killed


Paladin And prince?


Eventually ending the game with full cult team


Also there was bug one time And We had 5 cult members


Two paladins and I killed the prince with second Eradication, with Sellsword


Fool was begging for win, so they have it. Since it’s 4 cult, 1 BD King and fool left


Shouldnt game automaticly end at that point


Apparently not with king


I used my third and last Eradication to king, twice.


Cult goes attack mode with double damage #mlg


I mean there was an attempt to convert Luxy N2.


Gee gee no ree


My vote came out of kitten pity though :pensive:


Who got MVP it Must be me right?


Gold MVP Hj?


I mean I killed warlock And devout so I am BD mvp