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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


It’s about the context my dude.


Also marl rigged this against me

Giving alice 12 hrs to kill me :angry:


King has the full duration of the trial to choose to decide fate
Turbolynching can’t counter it
If people have a problem with that system, we can change ALL trials to plurality without majority instead


He gave all evils 24 hours to submit an action that could kill you as well



Shh firekitten am angry not logic


May I ask who Livicus tried to convert n1 and n2?


I believe he said squid and then me, but i was barriered



squid and then luxy


Every time someone tries to convert squid they are immune

Maybe they don’t want to be converted


Didn’t have Insanity barrier me n2?


No he barriered me


Last time I am ever voting alice for king btw

I am NOT getting dunked again


You were the one pushing for me over Ici.




Which was a good play in hindsight because ici lowered the PoE.

Also livi wanted ici as king and livi was my top scumread




Oh what’s that, you can’t


Stares at Grand Idea SFoL


Guess I won’t join :man_shrugging:


You and I both know you can’t not join a forum game