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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


Click nice


Seeeee, told ya game would end


In other words, if King is dying early at night than you know something is wrong… :notebook: :pen:


I hope FK can forgive me


I was thinking about the lack of second kill after Hjasik died so yeah…


Shouldn’t have dunked me. I feel alice would’ve been townread more


Also @Alice you broke my never mislynched streak :angry:


We can all agree that abyss played Very Well this game


someone undo this cursed rand

Will hey at least this game made me remember that our drunk hadn’t been nerfed yet


Yep, they can’t occupy with HH that time nor you can survive attack with deb on you.


Ripe for time, you see.


At least I lead two wagons with success


I blame nerbins


I blame Whinykitten for removing Order.


I blame myself for blocking a convert.


I blame twilight for not having enough pandas


I blame Whinykitten for absurd assumption that aren’t true.


I blame myself for executing a Court Wizard


Why did u execute me with your Whip


Because I had to make it dramatic