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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


Well, either way the NK is either in Frost, most likely, or Poke. Squid should jail Frost tonight and execute him tomorrow if there are no kills. The only problem here is that if Poke was converted then we lost, unless Maxi decides to help the town.

@MaximusPrime Mind siding with BD here? I did prevent you from being lynched, so you can return the favor.


@PoisonedSquid remember to have Frost jailed as I’m sure he’s the NK.


Jail Gamerpoke they’re trying to make us lose


You have one chance to convince me why you force executed there :thinking: No wall text just a single reason


Because Maxi slipped that he healed you n3, so Luxy wasn’t confirmed.

I’m BD. If I were a PK as Frost has said then I’d have no reason to tell you all what to do as I’d have already lost, plus I can’t be an EK as I got barrier’d for the first two nights before I stepped up.


I’m letting Frost and Poke fight it out


Also, I lost my exes because of Insanity -_-


Alice told you to do that too… Meh.


If this is wrong I don’t blame you Alice. I blame Maximus Prime


0/2 in one day/night phase doesn’t inspire confidence in a pro-BD alice


Can’t exactly say I played well by dunking Luxy purely on assumption. Hopefully I’m right by now when it comes to converts and Livicus failed both conversions otherwise we’re reliant on Maxi.



HH Frost in case he’s a Demon/Poss.


I don’t think it’s frost because he would presumably go for a thunderdome against icibalus if he were NK


Oh nevermind hunter passive


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:



Icibalus bled me last day so he’s hunter



I’ve bled somebody, do NOT out yourself if I did in case I’m attacked.




Alice has been executed. They were…


The Psychopathic King (Unofficial Class) :shield:

Neutral Special
Insanity (Passive) - You are immune to death at night. Additionally, your vote counts as two.
Pass The Torch (Passive) - If you die, there will be a vote held to crown the next King.
Royal Pardon (Day) - Make a player unable to be voted today. - 2 uses
Decide Fate (Day) - You may choose the whether the player on trial will be executed or pardoned. - 1 use
Guard! (Night) - Choose a player. They will be immune to death tonight. - 3 uses
Personal Execution (Night) - Send a guard to kill a player. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.


The Blue Dragon and Alchemist win!