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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die



Sorry, no time for this game


Lol Eevee


He’s backup, it’s fine.


/vote alice


bleeding btw haha

also didn’t read any posts


There is no way alice isn’t evil here




I agree with this. Alice tried to cover for maximus so he wouldn’t be jailed and executed (better than killing insanity 100%)


/Exe Showdown time


If Alice really thought that Maximus healed me then I don’t know what to say. That guy called me a douche like 3 times I doubt he’s healing me. Also I didn’t check anyone last night I embraced vice so that maximus couldn’t bomb me


I think the game will end after killing Alice tbh. I dont know why


We’ll see, friend.


Livicus had a really weird post that said “good luck finding the convert” he could have failed every time haha


It can’t be Icibalus since he still bleed me after Hjasik died.


Why would I bomb you?

And I did heal you once smh

I regret it tho. You definitely didn’t deserve it


I thought you’d have bombed me cause I would bomb me


Still, you actually healing me makes me scared of an alice mislynch. Oh well


So, Morl slep?


@Marluxion end this, Alice is on trial


Alice is now on trial. You may now vote to execute or pardon them. It will last 24 hours or until majority has been reached.