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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die


Sam said it and if so then Maxi probably healed me.


Which was bad mistake from him, fortunately for Maxi - he get the win he never wanted - with BD.


Obviously it has be 1 or 2 people from 3 of us and you cant be occd/jailed. I will be HHing Frost so we win so goodbye Alice.


So unless Maxi is going to change his mind, he owes me for sparing his life. I know I said little harsh to him but that’s why he can’t help someone like you anymore, Alice.

Lynch me and BD will lose, having the majority vote over the rest

Lynch Alice and I take care of Gamerpoke while Maxi is in jail so he can’t help Gamerpoke. BD wins.

I may have been slow as Knight, but it’s all clear now who I shall coldsteel.


Just end this suffering!


Someone hammer



tick tock tick tock tick tock




@bazingaboy I didnt ping you


Who says I didn’t bleed and that I healed Alice?



It’s only a possibility since Luxy claimed to have healed Bazingaboy as well.

Besides, will you vote Alice?


Do it Max, just do it. Vote Alice


A true neutral helps no one but himself c:


I don’t think helping Psycho king counts as yourself.


Ici/Baz will vote Alice. Just speed it up


Honestly I don’t know if it’s psycho king or good king but I’m going to abstain from this chaos and just watch

Also lol baz will never take his vote off of me :wink:


Baz, prove him wrong please


I hope not.


stares at Baz