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SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die

  1. Icibalus - The Hunter
  2. Firekitten - The Warlock - Died Night 1
  3. PoisonedSquid - The Prince
  4. Hjasik - The Devout Died Night 3
  5. Insanity - Court Wizard Died Night 4
  6. Sam17z - Butler Died Night 4
  7. Livicus - The Dreamer Died Day 3
  8. Margaret :crown: - Died N2
  9. Alice - The Drunk
  10. Bazingaboy - The Therapist
  11. GamerPoke - The Drunk
  12. Frostwolf103 - The Knight
  13. MaximusPrime - The Alchemist
  14. Noz_Bugz - The Maid - Died Night 1
  15. Invoker - The Mystic - Died Night 3
  16. Luxy - The Physician Died Day 4

This is the PoE, 9 BD claims does not exist


Drunk claim who stepped up d3 and began pushing on the Devout d2 vs. a d4 Knight claim who did nothing but post walls and walls of IIoA. Yep, I’m totally next on the PoE. /s


Yeah, no. Point is, everyone but you and Poke are confirmed. Poke is semi-confirmed for outing Hja, but you’ve essentially done nothing this game but post walls of IIoA and chainsaw to the point that you’re next in line, tbh.


Technically, Poke is already confirmed from debbing Hjasik.

Your deb in other hand does NOT confirm you as Drunk, everyone voted you in privately (me included) so we can’t determine who also voted for Gamerpoke. Which is great feature that adds layer of social deduction.

I already explained why the reaper does not exist because lack of Icy Touch.


And through PoE, you are 9th BD claim - which is impossible.


You really shouldn’t have become King.


And don’t worry, at least me and Gamerpoke gets honaraburu death.

I cleanse his sins and open the gates of Elysium.


You couldn’t lynch me earlier because that will compromise your cover.


Or, y’know, because you aren’t using it?


Literally all other NK suspects have died and there’s 9th BD claim, does not mean PoE say I am last scum - you are suppose to update the PoE in case someone flipped with Abyss and Neutral class that cleans up the space for one BD,

But since everyone have flipped BD except you and me, there’s still that 9TH BD claim and if you do maths here:

King, Prince, Therapist, 2 neutrals, 1 NK, Dreamer, Devout.

AND 8 BD claims = 16.

9th BD claim = 17.

So that can’t be right.


If they are, there will be no kills


No, because you are Psycho King.


Therefor, your theory about Reaper does not support the evidence.


And how are you automatically assuming this is a Reaper game?


I didn’t,

You did assume.


The lack of Icy Touch is clear sign there’s no Reaper here.


You’ve completely discounted the possibility of a Demon or a Possessor game, but either way.

@bazingaboy @PoisonedSquid @Icibalus

My arguments here speak for themselves.


Just vote Alice and get this false king out of here.

I already explained why Alice should not live tomorrow.


Heres a question. howd you know you were posioned? and why you no die


I haven’t discounted the possibility for Psycho King now.