SFoL 38 - Game Over - Even death may die

I don’t know, the level 1 wolftell is not having a formal stance on your reads and them simply concluding from our interaction that we are “arguing” indicates that.

even tho I am still a new player he reminds me of my first game

Obviously trying to get Swear Fealty ready

ok fine I’ll just be the quite one in the corner having to wait 3 days after wanting to be in a game for ages it’s fine, I’m fine

Starting to get seriously strong vibes that invoker is wolf here.

what’s wolf I have checked

Class Cards Thread! A friendly “how to get started” guide by one of our own players! New player guide by our good boy

and I still can’t find out the definition

wolf is a synonym for scum
village is a synonym for town

oh ok thx

thx for updating lol

Kinda agree with Sarun here, I don’t particularly see invoker doing this as scum, if anything he’s more likely to be neutral.

I’ve read everything listed now I think I am ready to play now its ok if you think I am neut since you know it is a scumread but please consider the fact I am new and may make a few mistakes.

Well, here’s a more detailed explanation of the read. Invoker declaring that our conversation was an argument came out of left-field, that is certain, but what intriuges me about it is this:

See, this post is framed as a jokey meme, even if it pinged me as a little off, but what intruiges me is this post:

This sudden bitter turnaround seems extremely out-of-place for a Level 1 player this early, it feels like a play that would be made later on by a Level 1 villager but seems off right here.

HOWEVER, I accept all of your arguments. Bear in mind that these early reads are very weak and subject to change, they’re simply food for thought for our power roles (IE: everybody)

Maybe it is because of me.

it’s not because of you, it’s because I prefer werewolf theme and not insulting all the players who happened to rand the wrong colour on their card.

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While it’s true but it turns out to be recent trend to call scum as wolf these months

The level of confidence from his comment there doesn’t seem villager-y to me, either. Level 1 villagers don’t have that reaction and instead will jump to defending themselves or chainsawing when suspicion is casted upon them. See how village!Hjasik reacted in SFoL36 and compare his reaction to being wagoned to wolf!Alfa and wolf!OTB in 6d6 when I accused them.

No dreamers confirmed


Common Sense, Maxi

Also, I think that invoker’s turnaround could also be like a town caving in to the pressure rather than scum trying to give up as being a new player is difficult and we are very unleashy onto him

Anyone who wants this day to end immediately is wolf imo

also wut happened