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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


Looking back at it I was bouncing back and forth of paranoia of the host revolting against me. Sure why not


@Firekitten I just had an idea for a setup.

Unnerfed mind flayer vs 21 kingdom + 2 scorneds


The fuck are you talking about??

I was talking about your redirection ability you fucktard

Also making king suicide is literally broken, how do you not understand that



I know it’s broken. I agree with you except that you never said I couldn’t and you were adding in conditions JUST cause you didn’t adjust it before hand.

I also said sorry to you I don’t know why you keep insulting me.


So concensus is Whispers of Insanity shouldn’t be able to target the king?


Agreed, all it’s going to be used for is to make king show as mad king :slight_smile:


consensus is whispers of insanity shouldn’t exist :clap:


no u


I mean, half of the classes were utterly useless and we’re basically citizens…

(Cough marl, nerbins, a pathologist, both physicians, the magician who didn’t guard the outed priest the night she was rezzng for some stupid reason, the actuary…)


Wtf are you talking about

Most of the classes are good, not my fault nerbins didnt use the class until like day 5 and the king didnt die for Marl.


Lynching PKR would confirm marl instantly


Not particularly, governor could be faked.

He just gets 3 votes for king


Can you actually fucking shut up now


How do I block firekitten


Votes himself with 5 people left


Thats 3 votes on one person, allowing for 4 votes on another tho


Marl could’ve confirmed hjasik if he had checked baz


except one BD wouldn’t vote to confirm him


3, 3 tie and no king


Wonder what caused that tie


When there is only 5 players in game