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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


Not if you don’t know the definition. :thinking:


A lot of the confusion was my fault and I’ll make sure to specify everything in class cards


Bastard is host lying to player.

You obviously lied to me by telling me it was balanced


What was the thing about the passive you couldn’t tell me?


When? Quote it.


Got to go my homework is on fire


:cat: :gun:


Oh it was about how celeste had healed math or something. It was about what someone else had done in the game, hence i couldn’t tell you until the end


But you said something else?


Lemme remind myself


Besides no, I actually never lied as Host. Try again. :thinking:


I have a quote somewhere I just have to call the fire department, my hw is on fire after all.


@Marcus_Doodalee should pb be occ immune?


Suuuuuure thing,


Also gonna change it so the original patient zero will replace pb always, however, other pat0 will only replace before d4


Imo yes it should be


But I hope it isn’t quote from game that was actually balanced. :^)


blame nerbins.


No u


Also thoughts on removing cleric’s vulnerable passive?
Is it enough of a debuff that bd basically lose their abilities for a night in return for heals