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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


Anyway since its op I’ll work on it


Also firekitten wtf is up with 700 posts in your classcard?!?!?!


Actually I wouldn’t have bussed if I didn’t have the 2KPN, i felt like I could have ended the game easier Killing them off then.

Imo just give it an empower




it’s called me going through the phases of firekitten

3.Giving up all hope and wanting to concede
4.Gaining hope
5.Yelling at max


What about “Whinykitten” phase? :thinking:


That’s during yelling at max


No concede allowed!


No, I meant the moment when you’re complaining while not knowing about what are you talking about.






Do I need to quote every comment when you calling game “bastard” while it wasn’t?


I mean max lied to me about me not being able to suicide the king :thinking:


That’s literally why I called it bastard plus I was paranoid of them revolting against me when they decided my passive somehow went before my attack
@Luxy what was the broken thing about that you couldn’t tell me about?


Ohoho. But it isn’t the first time when you call game “bastard”.


What’s the other time :thinking:


Looks at every game that was hosted by me and Firekitten was player


Game is explicitly not bastard


It’s bastard though proven fact


What was the thing you couldn’t tell me