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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


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Everyone is like two kpn nk so is bad but there were 24 players!
Im gonna weaken mind flayer but pkr its a little harsh to say what you’re saying.
You could have easily won, firekitten had the shittiest logs ever and was almost caught day 2.


This is laughable.


2KPN is still way too much


No u


Luxy, if the person who won as NK is saying this, then you might want to listen.


Also common mistake is for host to assume the players are bad because they didn’t find scum, or see through their lies. They see all these scum slips and think the players are just bad.

That’s just suffering from confirmation bias to the extreme :wink:


Im gonna weaken it.




Meme hacked Alice account


I still feel even with mindstorm just empowering attacks is OP because you cant protect against it


You can by not claiming, IMO you don’t need a way to protect against it, it’s basically claim at your own risk.


‘All im gonna say is if you lynch me your gonna have a bad time’ - Memesky, Adjective FM


Just limit Mindstorm to be used up until a certain point so it’s not super easy for them to kill everyone that’s openly claimed.


I feel like alice rigged adjective giving memesky Vengeful Vigilante


Just get rid of the 2KPN just make it a empowered attack.


It’s not as op as you may think IMO.


Like limit it so it can only be used up until the end of N3 or something


In a 24 player game true


And like if Fk didnt have his two kpn he would’ve been caught I reckon because so many more nights with his shitty logs. Game ended like n7 which is a good end point and it made it almost fair for fk vs like 10bd