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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


Fk, insanity, boss


I did :frowning:


I meant in terms of balance and classes

Not adding detail


Also mathblade was the third highest poster and he died n2 smh guys :joy:


I am always a rapid poster that means nothing


Are you ever going to host a game :thinking:




WTAF. My immunity was bypassed when the class never said it bypassed immunity? Seems legit


Srsly host. There was no way to bypass my immunity when I self guarded.
Yet another bastard game that the hosts don’t call bastard. This is ridiculous now.
I even said in day chat that FK was NK. I was gonna vote them today since I SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED


Whispers of Insanity (Night) - Cause a player to commit suicide, destroying their logs and allowing you to determine what they flip as the next day. You will receive their real class and their logs. [1 Use]

This was what was used on you, I believe. You can’t guard suicides, I don’t think.


@Firekitten what did you use on me?
Also, you are right, 2-in-1-night kill NK is ridiculous


I’d understand if there was any way to prevent it but making King suicide with a night ability and attacking someone with a flipping passive has just made me lose hope in most of these games
I led us as much as I can and we still lost due to a broken NK


From what I saw, Fire used that on Math who was Prince and changed them to CW if I remember correctly


@Firekitten did you ever use Mindstorm on a killing class?


I did it on sam


I used whisper of insanity.

The whole argument above was basically max not willing to understand alch does not equal NK and that I could target king with it,


There we go then, FK had another use of Whispers to use on PKR.


The passive should only empower his night kill imo


How did the Prince die then?
This whole game makes no sense


I used it on him as well.

But I got another use from killing sam