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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


My unmislynched streak continues


also can we talk about how livicus somehow keeps rolling scum


@Livicus stop it, get some help


Yeah that’s unlucky. I find scum boring to play unless I’m a neut


He caught HTM’s curse.


he replaced into wolfy’s slot


@htm stop it, get some help


Literally no one has given me feedback besides Marl + Fk lol. Please if you have any thoughts or ideas, put it into your classcard.


PKR 100% just hammers me if he has that thought progression on me and is EK


Why did Marl say that baz came as non RB when he had RB?


Marl never checked Baz


He has to get a mislynch somehow if he wants to hold on to his mislynch Marl title :^)


i never said baz wasn’t rb


Well now it makes sense since I scumread FK but he had mechanical confirmation so I was confused




Tf is this maximus


I try man


Wait, who won?



FK, Me, and Cleric win >:D