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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


I should have written in my logs that I invited Hja to the council.
That way FK would have been caught lying when they said that they saw him visiting Bazing.
That or he would have accused Hja of being NK and occ immune. I dunno.


Quoted Kingsman when I was jailed n2

You know what this is like? It’s like those old movies we both love. Now, I’m going to tell you my whole plan, and then I’m going to come up with some absurd and convoluted way to kill you, and you’ll find an equally convoluted way to escape.

Well this ain’t that kind of SFoL.


I tried to experimental cure firekitten btw I thought they were scum, but I guess the game ended without me posting




Can I ask again

How is hjasik not warlock?


Well, don’t ask.

He just randomly said /give up in the thread @_@


That’s just weird


I thought FK bussed livicus and it was evil king with an infected with marl as NK xdddd




Kind of dumb Marl never confirmed hjasik giving me royal


It only kills infected members


I thought livicus converted you, and you knew PKR was ek and could secure the win


My bets were they were GK, if they were EK I was screwed.
I do see your point and that gave me a idea


Also sorry for accusing you of revolting against me.

I’m very paranoid and I thought host were wolves


I need to specify things in class cards better


Did the EOD messages applied to warlock if there was one? Also what was hjasik thinking?


Warlock visits both targets like drunk


Wdym eod


I was for sure going to vote marl today lol


well hey you’d have lost just as hard :joy: