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SFoL 37 Infection - (2/24) - Completed - Mind Flayer, Cleric and Lab Assistant Win!


Can I be invited to dead chat tho?


Not a sfol you were in my class card asking about twilight


Image result for donald glover pizza gif

This image depicts Luxy when the game ends.


You were JOAT there weren’t you?


That wasn’t a FoL :thinking:


Yeah but I still want to know if my observer claim was good.

I mastered the art of Celeste, BSING till you get confirmed


You would’ve been dead if I noticed that MF could track.


My goal was to find out what shurian thought I was


But I peeked Boss as noot :wink:


Yay people are joining this thing finally! (Sorry for posting it twice but it’s kinda picking up a little bit of steam, still thinking about reducing the total numbers required though)




I was dead

I targeted FK for a reason. 3:


actually, you peek me as neut after i open claim


Also new emojis came out for this.


uh huh no one noticed though :wink:


Where’s dead chat tho?


Math was kicking himself when he found out me v you was SvS d2 litten


I need dead chat


Like my logs had FK as scum just wrong scum

I was gonna demand your lynch if I was ressed.


Your =FireKitten

Well played Kitten.