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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


Derp, yeah. :^)

I still was only person on council to vote no on this game, cause it was imbalanced.
Not sure why noone else veto’ed it ;(


Luxy for head of council 2019!


Make a banner and I’ll consider voting u over someone who makes good roasts


hello darkness my old friend…


We tried balancing it more after observing Echoes 1 would you like a look?


Yeah that’s a good excuse I’ll borrow that. Next time I make a mistake I’ll just say I was throwing


Yup I sucked up to Eevee too the little I was alive XD

{{ Sorry Eevee But I buddied hard }}


I mean, from my PoV it was unwinnable for town and I was right.

You are right that it’s considered throwing to ask for covnersion. Tho putting scum in situation where converting you is most beneficial is technicly not.

Still shouldn’t have done it.

There was already discussion about it on scum chat, ask to be added if you want to read it.


sucking up to eevee is a viable meta that should be employed by all skilled players
i highly reccomend it