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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


Will htm be blacklisted this time

  • No riots

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A lot of Jammy’s ideas are interesting, but the problem is that she doesn’t really imagine how her classes would impact a game in practice. See the Revenant for example.


That one time I almost got converted and I blew it, fik


Same with my idea on conversion cooldown

interesting- but inherently overpoweredly scumsided


literally I loved dropping the note


Same idea with a infinite vig who can shoot as many times as they want in a night

Interesting not well balanced


As well I wouldn’t want to play overmind as you basically got rid of the idea of the whole game.

There is no scumreading and you just made the class so boring

That’s why I can’t really stand around doing nothing as neutral as it isn’t fun.


I’d play it like dreaming god


Sorry today was my bf’s bday so i was distracted


So deliverance won?


Yeah (Still salty about it… actually, I’m salty about a lot of things today, so don’t mind me)


Tragic squid.


Hi Salty, I’m Marcus and I overuse my jokes


Sorry i let everyone down who was in rigellion, I seriously debated weather i shouldve put a death coup on the King or not but i just couldnt tell if he was evil or good


That’s alright, it’s always best to put your thoughts out there and why you think someone is good or bad. Especially if you are good


I may leave it to you. The annual problem usually with SFoL is in host crafting process. It ends in game in favour of one of the sides which is why it’s even harder to evaluate. Personally I have different reasons why am I joking those games that aren’t involve that much in winning part.


I think you don’t know we aren’t talking about this game specifically. Can you stop being such a duck once in a while? :roll_eyes:


THAT’S XCOM BABY! screams from Avenger


But note please, I didn’t it by myself due to fact I was puppeted. :thinking:


It was not a gambit. It was asking for a convert in scumsided game.

Eeehhh… close enough :^)

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