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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


If someone won a battle each day and they kept lynching us they could never win


It’s not as bad as I’m saying it’s fixed now with livicus not allowing extra converts from winning


Deliverance battle win should not remove convert cooldown imo


Also, town was focusing way too much on mechanics and not enough on reads tbh. The entire conversation this match was all about the weapons’ triad instead of actual scumreading here.


I’m just super pissed that I was feeling like I could do something for once and then I get fucking dayvigged


Actually, eevee should have focused MORE on mechanics :wink:


That was literally terrible ngl


“Eevee is the strongest player on the site” - tactical ass kissing to the max


That was one of his worst games though tbh he’s a good player


I was surprised alice actually checked them the same night though, definitely thought they made some bullshit up


whispers I saw them visit each other I could have taken a side


Yeah, Eevee’s actually a pretty good scumreader here and I checked him to anticipate what he would pull on me.

Since I knew what class he was and the results he got, I created a fakeclaim based on that and acted as I would be were I a real Sky Knight. His gambit may have worked if he caught me unaware here, but since I knew what he was doing right when he started pestering me for “killing Sam17z” then I basically turned the reaction test right on top of him.

Hell, he did play smart by not rescinding it as had he done that then I’d use it as evidence to mislynch him d2.


Except he did it with a bunch of new players


That’s literally when he should have announced it was fake


When’s the next SFOL and what


Since I had a Nobility check on him as well then I could easily have framed him as a Deliverance here and gotten him mislynched had he done it.


Boopy’s conspiracy

the one where HTM went overmind


bUt i sAw eEvEe vIsIt yOu


Why did they literally have overmind no offense I blame overmind rather then htm


absolute power corrupts absolutely