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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


My suggestions in regards to capping scum:

Either cap them at 4 exc LWs and a converter that doesn’t change OR have a hardcap of 7, LW that rejoin before the hardcap is reached count towards it, if hardcap is reached make it so LWs can’t rejoin the pack.


After putting the statistics together; we have come to the conclusion that

This was a scum-sided game by Night 2 and thus, Deliverance is getting nerfed into the ground next game.


That was actually what we were thinking


Tbf this is like the only scum sided game I’ve seen

And I’d like to think I played decently :confused:


I thought we already nerfed them :thinking:


I mean I let discobot sight luxy for me night 1 lol ugh.


I’m talking about our nerfs, Blizer


Yeah I was super lucky tbh


Ahh lul.


At the start though, I would like to say it could’ve been balanced if town played better.


Don’t add resets, evil revives, conversions, Evil Kings, and on top of that LWs in the same game, though.

It got so damn ridiculous to the point that scum had 10 votes by d5.


Speaking of that I’m going to post Blizer’s and my changes in a separate thread


They don’t need a cap restriction just make the Rigelians have better day kills

If I was a daykiller I would have definitely shot alice there.


Also twilight had this argument with me and I think it’s unbalanced

  • A game is unbalanced if Town can’t win by correctly lynching each day
  • No

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The day killer didn’t do anything, Taetae was so inactive


Thing was though Litten, not a single one of you got lynched.


Noted but they could have lynched everyone one of us each day and still lost someho


Yeah I don’t think it was too bad, just a few tweaks like stopping our rinea from being insta converted would have helped. A revival would help a bunch


For a moment there I really thought Taetae was a Brigand/Alch-like class from how he played though. I was surprised as hell when I pinpointed him and found that he rolled Slayde.


Actually though no

If they lynched correctly, they would still have majority now, Pug would not be dead, and have more then plenty of KP to kill you.