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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


I basically used this opportunity to fake a townie reaction and then to push on a mislynch on Hja and Baz.


I’m gonna take a short break(like an hour or two) from the forums, lest I get dayvigged/ITAed again :eyes:


Bazinga was the only one to push that angle to the interaction. Everyone else listened to the deliverance’s cries that it was TvT


Luxy was Alm

Twil1ght was Clive

Alice was Mathilda

Blizer was Kliff

Starting Deliverance.


Tbh, most of the active players were Deliverance and Rigel just sheeped us nonstop. It’s why being a proactive leader is important in FM.


Ngl, thats like one of the best starting scum team i think i have seen on the forums tbh.


At the start though, it was a 5 v 1 v 1 v 17

Rigelians had more then plenty of majority to win

but weren’t active


I was active, but Clive shot me >:(


We also had PKR as an EK, FK joined us n1 and then both Eevee and Shurian joined us n2. After that it was a stomp and the rest of Deliverance had few strong or active players here.


Also holy shit Firekittens n1 snipe following 2 scum n1 to transition from LW to W was amazing


Host reactions? It was pure skill



@Livicus update title.

Also my first official scum win :smiley:




You can click the edit button next to the title to only change the title and it doesn’t count as an edit (i’m pretty sure)


I have to wait 43 minutes to start editing again


Was it deserved though is the question right @Twil1ight




It was 5 v 17 and everyone sheeped us.


That was literally the point I feel terrible for it was super unbalanced


Except the game was horribly unbalanced you forgot to include mechanics