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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


nah Firekitten is never caught :wink:


Yeah, the d2 scum team was Alice/FK/Twilight/Luxy/Math


Bazinga was the post-mortem MVP: Called out 80% of scumteam in logs


Maxi replacing into SFoL34 be like



Also I literally almost got pug to reveal his identity and I got nozes class


We winged guarded using eevee that night. All of us would have appeared as Rigelian


It’s kind of like what I said about Baz. His tinfoils can be insanely accurate at times.


The Fucking Travesty. Its like Hippo and Poker Mafia all over again.


I hope Conspiracy gets put up already, I want to forget this game existed


Like me!!


Same with Roast Mafia?


Bro we had too much presence in the game from Day 1, we were scumbloc-ing and basically just lead town the whole game.

Alice wasn’t getting exed


Baz has the most accurate tinfoils I’ve ever seen. Change my mind


lmao now i know how he felt

except i could do nothing about mine


My sides hurt so much rn


Well technically D2 eevee vs Alice was not SvS like he thought


To be fair though, you guys mislynched 75% of the time


Eevee did kind of derp as I saw his Kokusho Gambit coming the moment he started talking about tracking me to Sam17z.


and too many people were inactive


The interesting thing was Eevee vs Alice was TvS at first but then became SvS