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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


Luxy got checked by Fernand n1 feelsbadman


@H_Hjasik I apologise, I was gonna pity convert you tonight ;(


GamerPoke will forever be remembered as the first person to ever vig me when scum XD


Buddy boy I’m immune to checks because I’m Alm


Actually, PKR royal mighted Twi and got redirected to Pug due to lunge


Also, had Eevee used his secondary instead of primary ability on me then he’d immediately have found scum n1.


So my team did stop me from being added the once.
Seems about right for my luck lmao :stuck_out_tongue:


Rip checking alm N1 :frowning:


@Marcus_Doodalee post our starting classes in chat


My purity streak is still going and I hate it


Fuck you PKR and Twi for killing me, also wtf is gradivus


Just saying formatting the spreadsheet took a lot of work


I predicted the way this game would go N1 when I was converted


Yall dudes are fuckin retarded for not killing Alice. I didn’t read the rest of the game tho


I feel so bad


Errr, I don’t know them

starting town that were converted:

Eevee, Shuri, Insanity (he got converted n4)


You are retarded as well for the way you defended hj


u called out the scum team in your logs. that was kinda scary tbh.


I literally did nothing but die


would have caught FK without that jail too rip