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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


Yeah he was.





this was me… for about 30 seconds

omfgcookies Maxi aka Fernand

N1 - /traitors sight Luxy, NS
N2 - /traitors sight FireKitten, prevented
N3 - jailed
N4 - /traitors sight HTM, NS


I mean, aside from the NK. It was essentially only Faye and Duma?


Post our classes Livi


@H_Hjasik has been awarded the honourary title of Rigellian MVP


Also, i may or may not have seen the spread sheet by accident btw


Thank fucking god, I wanted this game to end ever since my hopes of being converted got stabbed like my body


The spreadsheet is here:


I get honourary title of ITA Lightningrod


I can finally lewd more thread :3




I can quit pretending I was reading or had logs or did useful shit after I died




Maxi will be remembered forever more for replacing into slots about to be ITAed


you and me both…


I was starting Alm


We got a new meme boys.


@PokemonKidRyan did you guard pug? If you had you should’ve joined our chat because you would have been redirected to Twi


He Guarded Twi instead XD.