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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


So technically, we’re at 9 Deliverance and 5 town. I think we already won here.

/vote Lances.


Voted swords my g


i gain full rights to shitposting and being salty about dying twice within 10 minutes even while dead


/Vote Lances


I was a lost wolf FOUND N1 FOUND TWO MEMBERS N1


Wait we picked axes right


I was like: Why is PKR acting so weird on D3/D4?

And…I get converted.


btw you missed mine/cookies logs


I feel so bad for @H_Hjasik I really wanted him converted


I tried editing it in, but I ran out of edits.


You replaced into an unconvertable slot maxi ;(


Literally all I was doing was buying for time.
The being busy irl is true though, Wolf can attest to that.


Fucking again


Also, with connection between King Rudolf and the Deliverance established, the votes are as follows: 10 votes Deliverance to 5 votes Rigelian.

Game is over.


Poor hjasik


I’ll post it then


With the death of Fernand, the Deliverance have taken majority.


So, Litten was the only neutral here?



that was amazing tbh.


No, Poke was also Neut.