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SFOL 34: FE Echoes I - (Deliverance Wins!)


I was, but I was just killed so ya


Wait the days over @Livicus


So it is.

Due to a majority of execution votes compared to pardon votes, Gamerpoke has been lynched.

He was…


Night 4 has begun. It will end in 24 hours.


Night 4 ends in 6 hours. Those of you who have not sent in night actions, please do so.


@Kai_5 has replaced out. @MaximusPrime, message me if you would like his spot.


The Deliverance set up camp inside the city, many having their old houses back in their possessions, having driven away the invading forces. They were comfortable, glad, but also relieved after all the fighting that had taken place for the liberation of Zofia Castle. Clive was also resting in a wing of the castle, when Forsyth rushed in.
“Commander Clive, we have signs of Fernand! It appears he and some of his spies may be sneaking around at Prince Berkut’s orders.”
Clive got up and rubbed his eyes. “It’s too early in the morning, Forsyth. We can worry about this later.”
And then, a crash. A Rigelian soldier dropped to the floor from the second story balcony.

RHCube has been slain! He was…


Forsyth and Clive looked up to see Fernand in a struggle with Alm, as his friends were in a skirmish against the older soldiers. Even Kliff, who had just been healed and gotten out of the infirmary, was busy shooting fireballs.

On that note:

Mathblade has been revived!

“Alm!” Clive shouted from below. He and Forsyth grabbed two swords leaning against the stairs, and sprung up the stairs, 2 at a time.

The Deliverance’s decoy weapon is Swords. You have 24 hours to choose a weapon to fight.


So MathBlade was defiled then?


/vote Axes

They have always chosen lances everyday, pretty sure they’d do that again.


That’s literally the worst theory…
They are so close to majority that they’d now switch it up
Vote Swords


Why is it a bad theory? Wouldn’t they try and quadruple guess us and go for it again?



Swords - PKR :crown: - 2/9
Axes - Luxy - 1/9


2 votes~


Also, there’s a scum reviver~
They revived Math


If that’s true then they’re probably at 8-8 right now. So this is LyLo.


If a dayvig from them hits, then town loses.


Flip incoming:

Noz was fighting alongside Fernand. However, the forces of the Deliverance began pushing closer and closer. “Commander!”
And that was the last word he ever uttered. A lance stuck out from his chest, and he fell off the balcony as well, falling to the ground dead.

He was…




Swords - PKR :crown: - 2/8
Axes - Luxy - 1/8

Majority is now 8.


You were saying something, right?
Also, I was gonna lynch Noz today… RIP



I am at work but I am an Arcanist

Will type logs and other shiz when I get home


There should be at least one Brigand here. I think we can get them to side with us if PKR is GK.