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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


link minds always goes first


Just saying that that is not what the wording suggests to me.


When did I say it didn’t.
Link mind would be prevented if sage did it at the beginning of the night but it’s not at the beginning


I have to agree with Livi and Solic here. Sage prevents all visits from having any effect, not outright blocking abilities that target a specific person. It’s semantics really


I think it also would be more balanced that way with Enforcer being able to bypass king’s guard, but only having 1 use of it. Sage is already so strong and can block heals from bleeding targets for instance.


No, it works exactly the same as TOL and I misread my card it says all visits from affecting your target not those abilites.

But the Kings guard is prevented from visiting.


Nerf my beloved sage and :dagger:


@overthebin credit to this guy for this meme

@GamerPoke this is for you


Aw thanks. :joy::joy:


I just lot the rhytm of the game for a day I could not see the thread and became depressed because it advanced waaay too much


sees ping somehow doesnt see for 9 days


Knock knock its knuckles


It’s a converted Prince from the dead!


We need to get this to 10k post and then my soul can rest in peace.






Can someone lock this thread


@Marluxion gan you tell Insanitu to git?



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