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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


stop revealing my darkest secrets


Don’t blame the shepherd, blame the sheep. Luxy lynched Pug, not Marl.


I blame pug for letting himself be mislynched.


Yeah… I actually believed he was GK


Totally his fault tbh


I mean EK


Pug tried hard to get himself off though.


He should have tried a little more :wink:


It was a feels bad and a reason BD lost this game.


One key thing BD missed a WHOLE lot of in the early game was the crap ton of TvT


and TvS


btw can someone invite me to the dead chat of this


Wait a minute? Why does Sage’s Wall of Fire prevent kings guard?

Kings guard isn’t a visit, so the guard should have protected us.


Which means both Marl and I would have lived? :confused:


Technically it’s a visit, it just doesn’t show as a visit to Observers.


I think that’s debateable. :eyes:

(I’m still salty, don’t mind me)


It works like that in tol


Luxy was pretty damn mad at it, tbh. His first guard saved a cultist, his second and third was bypassed by a Wall of Fire, and his fourth was bypassed by my Strength of Corax.


Also sage doesn’t prevent visits in this mode it prevents abilties from doing anything


So it stops link minds :wink:
It says it prevents all visits except that of the assassin. So I suppose kings guard would be blocked