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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


Wait, this actually a thing? :eyes:

No wonder I lost so many games in ToL


okay and I would like to point out that I didn’t know htm had bound soul D1 because I never expected him to waste it like that and I made several calculations from D6 to D10 to keep Unseen and Cult at bay


That’s why you made it to MVP nominations lol.


what’s that


Did you not see my poll?




He attac
But he also protec


but most importantly

he bring bacc


I hope this game was fun for people. May this game serve as how not to BD


Mass claim is best /S


I still wonder why the hell Marl just outright hard-claimed and then lynched the Butler for no reason at all. His play was good in general, but that moment was just terrible.


Because, Marl believed that Pug was not following his usual town AI in his knowledge. He thought the deadliest was scummy from pug and got him killed for it. I find it stupid that Luxy actually DFd it tbh.


Pug was a freebie


it’s just like spiderman says
everybody gets one


XD goddamnit Marl, if I was BD, I would have been so fucking pissed at you for doing that.


Quoting Family guy i see.


Was he free tho? You lost a crucial BD class for essentially nothing.




He could have carried


He is prob right tbh