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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


Unseen were lucky they killed captain. Cult planned to direct Litten to merc the following night lol.


Again, i dont think you played bad. Marl did spot how you were acting.


If Unseen killed sam or htm, that would have been game for us i believe.


Litten made the best plays, but also made several mistakes. Sarun never reached the highs of Litten, but consistently played well


Honestly, 100% agree.


I had a whole lot of plans :frowning:


So did Sarun


Every scum game I’m in I try to make this crazy complex plan to win.


I actually thought Merc was mm tbh. I mean, he went silent d3, and it crossed through my mind that he was scum. Sadly, i kinda did think poke was mm, but with Marl and his tinfoils gone, you were left to cloud peoples minds.


Marl accused all the scum at some point. He just lost interest in them and lynched a BD instead.


I dont think he accused me d2 actually. Im not sure.


Warming! Big tinfoil is comin’ through.

Marl was in fact The Fool because he wanted provoke BD into lynching him.

takes off tinfoil hat


Honestly, i should have been pinged hard with FK defending Merc for no reason d2. That was an easy lynch imo.


Nah, he was obviously sheriff


Since I had to be alive for the puppet to live as long as possible, I was essentially playing cautiously rather than relying on risky plays like that, that, and Max was essentially inactive all game. FK dying wouldn’t be as much as a detriment to the Unseen as me dying here to the Cult.


Talks about inactivity, has to work again. Fun times for Blizer.


Easy don’t work


I mean, i would too. Solic did notice that though, because it was kinda different from your usual playstyle.


Also, I just noticed that it was Meme, not Soul, who Ordered FK n3.


Yup. Vital Intel for BD was lost because two people didn’t update their logs