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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


Fair Enough, i would have been to. Problem is, with both Marg and Fk pushing him, it was kinda obvious he was, since we knew they were unseen, For cult anyways.




This is the first tied game in FOL history, right? Definitely the first time everyone died, right?


Yep, I believe so


Again, best way this game could have ended imo.


Cult were IMO the most consistently good faction. BD deserved to lose hard imo.


Aside from the AFK Max, along with my inactivity and shit Claim, i agree.


Cult didn’t do anything that cost them game, or should have lost them the game.


Cough mod bias ticket cough

What did they do again that was impressive I forgot


Honestly, Unseen were decent, but Marg slipped hard, along with kinda outting FK to cult with her Fake N1 results.


not really everyone brought it lol


They predicted your night kill and bound soul the right person for example.


Not us boi. We had you and Marg pinged as unseen n2.


if that’s so why didn’t you lynch us :smirk:


I’m mostly doing this cause I’m sad and we can all agree that sam is here to be blamed. Or marl.


Because, i redirected Squid, among other things. It would have been easier to kill you, but you killed the Pally, which made us become the focus of the day. Knight cult convert is still bad, and im up for the Acolyte to become a thing for Killer converts.


Or the Mass CFD`s D2, along with the Pug Myslynch.


So basically I hurt you more by killing the paladin


Well, obviously.


See, top level strats