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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


Eh, maybe he didn’t feel like having people go through the whole WTF is Marl charade.

It was quite a crass opening if I remember


Same goes for you though. Literally all BD confirmable classes outed before they needed to in my opinion.


@Moleland Do you have a list of actions made in the game? :slight_smile:


Then please, explain to me what you would’ve done in that situation


I’m sad though, I had Monty Python gifs as my death note and in my logs. Fucking hate getting converted…


Make a convincing argument as to why someone else is scummier.


That’s fair. Would you try and avoid the WIFOM heals as a PR and soft later on or try and circumnavigate it?


I would just keep it hidden completely in this setup until a certain threshold of people have claimed that it would be better for me to ensure that protectives know who I am. I have no problem grabbing something to tunnel on usually, so it wouldn’t necessarily out me as PR investigative.

Only experience I can draw from is the ritual mafia games, where I was Diviner in both. I think I held off there for a reasonably long time.


Nah, it’s actually good to hold off on claims, including in this setup especially (rip massclaiming)


I maybe would have asked Livicus to channel me with a protective that I had checked prior, but that’s about it.


Livicus and Htm claiming just got them bled and it got both you and Marl strongman killed.


Technically, I was scum, and a knight converted cult member is shit. Marl and Marcus got Wall of fired, then the 1-2 combo from Cap and Sarun onto Marl again was a feels bad. Plus the cult aligned prince.


I wasn’t too concerned with this game at that point anymore, but it’s not that easy to discern specific scum faction. Props to you for convincing the court that a red check on you meant nothing.


best deathnote ever.







Not to hand, but I could make one


It would be cool. Mainly just want to know if my self-heal did anything n2?


I was wondering what you did n2 tbh. It was that or healing Liv.


/self-heal If Sam is evil as I suspect, his faction won’t think twice about getting out the only Physician. I can deal with the repercussions tomorrow, but I’m not healing until any power role is bleeding. A mystic is quite useless when everyone has an open claim and a Priest that used Res is also not that important. Htm is getting Ice Warded regardless now, if we can even believe that Sarun/Fk are still CW’s or have started as CW.

This was my thought process. I was still a bit skeptical of Sam.