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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


except our Acolyte will be different to here. I don’t think our Aco would fit here very well ngl.


also it’s no longer Xed 4.0.

It’s becoming 3.1 because it’s not a complete overhaul like 2.0 and 3.0



@Livicus and I came up with this for an Acolyte


Should do an efol with it




Don’t you do efols to test new things to be added?


EFoLs are for huge changes
SFoLs are for having fun with one specific class or faction


Except you know using Smite? When protectives are already spread thin with everyone bleeding.


I stand by the plays that I made this game. It’s not my fault that Luxy plays a role, that can only be scumread, with no motivation. (which he admits himself)


No Smite wouldn’t have saved me


I was killed bypassing protections TWICE


Also i was freaking planning on smiting (i can screenshot from my rolecard) until livicus WHO WAS BD AT THE TIME specifically said that HTM was binding my soul


A tragedy in 4 parts


You’d outed at that stage right? What made you decide not to smite?


so baaad


but its okay because cult lost too


never got to see my death note


Ah! So you thought you were guaranteed an extra day and thus no need to smite. Gotcha


I don’t understand why you had outed yourself in the first place with both a Priest claim and a confirmed Mystic bleeding.


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