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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


Literally the invest ability is useless for mass claims


it should be changed to Heretic or Animist


Emphasis on this. I felt like the sword i had became a fucking toothpick, and all i got for it was cult robes, and no way to fucking claim without losing my head.


I mean since the new system I didn’t see a BD ever won with massclaiming. /shrug


Still, nothing is wrong with Soul catcher being able to revive someone like the cult alt and having soul bind, and death immunity + talking to dead


Cults got two cult points.

Knight has two abilities it can gain, both costing a point.

It has sacrifice (meh) or Lone Cultist (eh)

However, since ritualist Invoker already has one night ability, and both sacrifice and lone cultist are night abilities, Converted knight can only gain one of it’s mediocre abilities.


Actually I would prefer to resurrect player into past DK from ToL rather than normal resurrect. Basically blocking main ability is already a good thing about converting Priest,


Knight becomes Invoker

honestly though we should have an Acolyte for Cult Killer


That’d make her a bit strong. The Cult can actually get away with Mithras’ Puppet because they have little killing power while their entire strength is mass conversions. To allow the Unseen to have an additional player without any drawbacks is just way to strong.


It’s literally the same thing as BD priest


But apparently Acolyte was destined for 1000 IQ players…


I meant invoker, but same difference.


Make the revived die if they die as well


I mean Acolyte for Killers, Invoker for Offensives

let the pain speak to me


Actually make this for all priest to kill the revived person if they die tbh


I mean, if hunter and knight are converted, they become an acolyte or someshit. Im for it.


Mage Heropower intensifies

I remember somebody said no one didn’t know who to use him properly. Lel


I think give Acolyte two passives and the disguise day ability. And boom, done. One passive should be (assuming eradicate is added to cult) that if the acolyte dies at night, Cult gain a use of Eradicate.


Pug and I made an Acolyte for his Xed 4.0


I was the evilest of all the Kings!

(Probably because I was the only ek)