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SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies


Ummm, not everyone haven’t stuff to do y’know… :neutral_face:


Havent been on Discord today XD.


hmmm not like I multitask on forums so I only pay half attention most of the time

aka VI mode


Did anyone like my Epilogue flavour? :sob:


He hasn’t been on since he replaced out of AAFM roughly two weeks ago.


Whom I correctly pardoned


I did. You did take pretty good advantage of this odd situation here.


Best Ending to a horrible story.



Cwayon Mode


Honestly, Khorne is satisfied by the chaos.


You still should have listened to me when I was hard pushing on Marg though. :persevere:


Also the cult leader would have died if livicus didn’t lie to be in mystic link


wdym lie


Cult thought i was mystic. XD


HTM didn’t bind my soul at all you dingus


He Yolo Binded D1


well how was I supposed to know he went and used it D1


He Soul Binded you d1 and then kept talking about Soul Binding you in a weird WIFOM gambit.


You made me change from smite to check Maxi last second


I thought he had it saved