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SFoL 20: FoL RPG (Unseen, Evil King and Fool Win!)





I tried the jump


Still guard no one?


You don’t know how Celeste plays if you think that’s scummy


Im always scummy :wink:


Yes, don’t leave your room tonight


I was gonna jump to Frost but fuckin assassin killed him.


I know how Celeste plays, and I know that wasn’t a scumtell for them
The exact reason I pointed it out


I somehow almost made it with a Mystic claim as sorc so im pretty bad at the game


I’ll be cheering for BD on the sidelines.


Okay. Is it to see who inevitably murders me?


Thanks Puggo <3


Or is it because you suspect me for no reason?


I’m cheering for BD

because Unseen fucked me over


I just realized what Marl is trying to get me to do


honestly the most nerb statement that’s ever been posted.


No, it’s so you can’t convert anyone if you are mm

Observers both make sure to get your bird action in


Can we wait till lymohoma comes in to confirm me or should we just do that tommorow?


I just gosh darn realized what Marl is trying to get me to do


I’m not MM, but okay.