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SFoL 20: FoL RPG (Unseen, Evil King and Fool Win!)




I like the scorned fake claim so scum does not attack me pleas keep calling me scorned


Then u tried to kill him?




O wait sorc isnt in this game so Third eye isnt a thing


nope, tried occupying him.


Like seriously, you are dead


What’s your claim and logs again?




5/6 exes.


Prince is occ immune and you try to occ him. Okayz


What is the deal with lymphoma and why does fire say lymphoma is dying?


Uh huh sure


@CheesyKnives before u flip can u make sure I wasnt prevented from visiting marl as a moderror


Nothing will stop me from executive you pug
Unless Celeste claims to have also been prevented on me


I will exe just want some answers first.


n1 jack shit going for king kill path as other bootcamp is going for the other one

n2 occ whamm prevent
n3 occ marl proovoonted


Lymphoma is confirmed town


So what happens to me tonight?