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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


But no Priest though? Strange.


We haven’t had a Priest game for God how long


Last time I remember priest happening is when I plaied both greedy and priest in same game.

Duuuh. Good times.


rip. GG
I was gonna execute frostwolf tonight in jail.


I commit suicide for honor!


Ah yes, Sudoku.
Very Honorabru



gg then

looks like my statistics got us the MM, possessor and assassin


It’s not like I just randomly chose like 4 people and put them in the list or anything…


I get caught by royal blood check


Eh… it still counts… right? Me putting random people in a list and calling them scum…?


No. Bad. Sit.


Kinda sucks that you got screwed over by the check when you became the Assassin. Even though I tried debauching you, would you have killed me anyway, because I feel like that’s the case, unless it was the alche that killed me…

Would be nice if we had the full spreadsheet for actions to know what happened much more easily


I was going to plan to kill you and frame someone else for murder (Whoever got debauched that night) and I panicked while I haven’t checked the result clearly, shows I wasn’t debauched but just successfully attacked you, turns out Hippolytus uses his ability on me to prevent visits and he thought he blocked me.

Tsk tsk, his and his big mouth.


One thing is for sure: My weakness are Court Wizards.



So he blocked me from debauching you.

Also Frost, I have to admit, you have been working on your playstyle better and better. :smiley_cat:

You had me convinced that you were the physician at first and the fact that you didn’t show your scummy side. However, you can improve it slightly more. When you’re caught, don’t fall into further panic and the start flip flopping with claims, as you got caught out that way. As well as that, don’t try and follow the BD too much, as that’s when I started getting a bit suspicious of you


You saw FoL10 right?


I was in 10. The very unfortunate one where it turns out that every single message was asked for clarification so I got caught out that way. Still slightly mad about that game as every single message was revealed when I was the last member of the Unseen, so that screwed me over big time with my fake Physician claims


Simon is fortunate enough I have changed my mind of using Will-O-Wisp to Flirting the prince.

Even thought about giving my wisp result to Marl first night, my intuition didn’t fail to amuse me.


I am also actually wrong about the night results between “You have been attacked but you survived” and “You have been attacked but you got healed” sort of thing, turns out it has to be the one and same “but you survived” part.

I got the 50/50 odds who I believe.