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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


Frost royal blood doesn’t carry over to assassin. That’s not braixen fault.


You played aswell as you could but the cards were stacked against you. The role list was more or less balanced but you got unlucky with PKR being rbed N1 and Simon being sus af this whole game.

@Damafaud were you fool?


Also PKR defending Simon so strongly was a p big misplay seeing as that attached PKR to Simon, and you were already attached to PKR through claiming to heal him. Once PKR was hung the entire unseen team was outted.


All in all I would say wp to pretty much everyone.


Well then, that’s good sport.


Nuuu, I’m contracted to Simon, don’t do this to me D:

Just kidding.



I wanted dama to be fool and for you to contract to him without realizing it for the memes. Who did you contract?


That seems Dama is fool, I wouldn’t have rushed but if he was Butler and listened to poison the king



Well I’m finally home I guess


Can you hasten the process of night 4? No point of going any further.


Blue Dragon, Merc, and Alch wins, I guess.


can you release the sheet please?

was dama fool?


and here unseen kept pushing me all day :eyes:



Inpanity - Squire - Maid
Nuclear Pan - Maid
Pokeman Pan Ryan - Assassin
PolikPanbliss - Pos
Pangle KING (Good)
FrostPan - Princess - Dushess - Assassin
Wolfy with a PAn - Drunk
HippoPan - CW
Simpan - MM
NozPanz - Sheriff
Exce with a Vanilla Pan - Merc for Nuclear changed to agent
Marluxipan - Prince
Damapan - Butler
kyopan - Knight
3DT_CheesyPANS - Court Wizard
AgentPan - Alch


He is Butler! :open_mouth:

Damn it you are slow.


Well this was underwhelming.


Wait what


(Unseen forfeited)




Part of your intuition yes? If I was killer again then I have succeeded in killing the prince again at first night.