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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


Pretty sure I only count 5 total exes right now.


If we somehow don’t exe you tonight, AND somehow don’t hang you tomorrow, I am just gonna ice barrier you to stop you being healed tomorrow night.


oh and btw

Frost is

not royal.


Although he changed his claim from Alchemist -> Physician -> Princess.


Doing for fun.


im not dead as far as i know
at least not yet


mada mada


and that means?







You can use it even during trial? Impressive.

I am calling bad hosting.



But it doesn’t matter, we can end the game.


I am actually princess, used to be.

Why the host decide my royal blood doesn’t carry over is beyond me.


While I should have said that Insanity is faking it, but I got enough.

Because host allowed it and my royal blood doesn’t matter.


To be fair, I knew you were scum and I’ve only read the last 600 odd lksts


Why are you commenting if you are not in this game?

I got lost by the time host decide to screw me unfair.




To be fair, you are known scum when you claimed princess.

And the debauch happened.


Debauch didn’t even worked lol


To be fair, Simon pretty much butchered his own team to the meatgrinder.

And I can’t tell if this is intentional gamethrew or simply have bad luck.