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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


Hippolytus is however not assassin which is proved by his preventive spells, because otherwise I would get debauched and successfully framed.


Everyone ignore everything frost just said.


so you ARE the assasin?


I don’t actually know what he said cuz I ignored it…


@Frostwolf103 You don’t mind tossing out your vote to exe or pardon already do ya?


Marl please confirm you are jailing the assassin.


I said earlier I already sent in my action to jail Frost. So yep. Confirmed


Better safe than sorry.


You were awfully talkative earlier but haven’t found time to slip your “Exe” in, huh? :wink:


Strangle is BD.
Insanity should check your royal blood, somehow they didnt >_>
Frostwolf can be confirmed via Insanity.
Noz is Sheriff as no cc. Only one possible would be Cheesy, but they didn’t play like one anyway.
I already sent a contract, so yeah.
No idea how to prove alchemist tho.


Are you contracted to frost or something because there is no way you don’t realize he has to be assassin.


Eevee contracting frost would be suicide.
Eevee can you confirm or deny having sent a contract to someone yet?


If you haven’t done it yet, theres a chance you’ll just lose when we hang simon (if he got unlucky with converts)


Derp Derp Derp


Yes, I am aware of it. Tho contract might be late cause… Braixen. ._.


Must have missed that, Thanks.


Do I seem like I don’t realize it? I already said like 3 times that he is 99% assassin.
I’m working on the 1% to give it a chance, but his arguments are crappy, wich I proved few times.


I don’t see reason to do that since Insanity already made 7th vote

I have life too so I am not 24/7 active the whole time.

That math is very very wrong, just because the ones in underlines have claimed before doesn’t mean there’s chance they can’t be the assassin, which is why I mentioned they must prove themselves, including me even more.

How, by wisping the night after from jail.


I do hope that Noz is making right choice for making Deputy, because rendering someone else useless they are better at, you know what I mean?


:wink: No reason not to vote exe now then?