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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


It also doesn’t change the fact that your claims have been scummy the whole game.




Cmon, man. Flail a little bit. At least try to convince us you’re not the mastermind :wink:


i mean, im not mastermind. im scorned, and have been saying that
your funeral


So you’ve won then? Since we hung PKR?


Unless I’m mistaken; Scorned can’t have the starting Assassin as a target correct?
So who is your targets?


This looks fun. I don’t mean any harm by jumping in right now, so no bans pls mods.


kyo/wolfy in all actuality
which is why i dont care that much




Insanity - Squire-Maid
NuclearBurrito - Maid
PokemonKidRyan - Assassin
PolikShadowbliss - Possessor

Strangle KING -
Frostwolf103 - Princess
Wolfy - Drunk
Hippolytus - Court Wizard
Simon - Mastermind?
NozBugs - Sheriff
Eevee - Mercenary
Marluxion - Prince
Damafaud - Butler
KyoDaz - Knight
3DT_CheesyKnives -
AgentBoin - Alchemist

The names being crossed are dead
The names with underline have yet to prove (Yes that means you too after your target died, Eevee)
The names being normal as confirmed.

So let’s start the process of elimination and we prove ourselves.


Cheese is BD


That’s why he’s confirmed, but have no class known. Thanks to Kyo.


We have an MM and two converted right


Should Simon being the MM, then he have one chance to convert and couldn’t do that since PKR is executed and Simon being jailed that night.


Whoever the Deputy will be, AgentBoin or the assassin is capable of killing the sheriff and passing the class over will be the new sheriff and most importantly, confirmed BD.

I don’t know if this announcement will be public or not, this part hasn’t been discovered in this game - it will be shame to pass this opportunity.

The ones I mentioned on underline won’t able much to prove while I am in jail, but it’s possible for Insanity to check on AgentBoin or Eevee is Killer or Support, not to mention NozBugz in case he lied. Lot of options.


The process of elimination leave no space unremaining that’s for sure.


In the follow up, I am still Princess unless based on REAL evidence found by Sheriff or Maid, AgentBoin need to heal in order to prove otherwise he won’t survive long because he’s the real assassin and I must use will-o-wisp in that night as well. After all I got poisoned.


IDK Hippo, frost is looking mighty bd right now


Blocking the heal won’t help AgentBoin to prove himself the night after.


Tomorrow Insanity can check about royal blood of mine and will check the class type of mine, but Hippolytus must allow them to investigate as well heal me.