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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


Oh yea, princess thing. That works.


Yeah @Insanity check if Frost had royal blood.


Simon is on trial now.


/execute order 66


What do you think order 65 is?


the previous plan wasn’t as thought out, so they scrapped it in favor of order 66, the back up was order 69 Kappa



Insanity check frost already to convince marl to exe him.


Roger roger!

(it complies with order 66 so exe)




i want to point out that there is no difference in the result you get whether your target was healed and/or immune


so i could have been healed


Uh what?

You forget something about FoL10 when I got ‘healed’ from assassin attack.


i wasnt in fol10, so i have no idea what happened


and that doesnt change that the result is the exact same whether i am healed/immune/both


Wolfy have bright idea to say he’s the one who healed me while the king also claimed he send guard that night.


King’s claim came first.


im not saying its likely,
just possible


We have no physician.



Also @AgentBoin I’m pretty sure deleting and editing messages is against the rules, so i’d un-delete your message earlier :stuck_out_tongue:



I am sleeping and the trial is putted on?