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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}




You wouldn’t be immune when healed, duh.


Guys I’m actually the king and I guarded simon




No, seriously tho.

Simon, I laied down the case on you from my PoV during day 1. You were trying to blend in, not to seem non-BD.


Yes, he’s not a fool.
I was just saying if he was it’d be fucking incredible.


That reminds me

@Strangle Logs now.


I know his n1 logs and can confirm it, probably.


I would like these too, so I don’t have to jail and exe my father.


/vote simon-san


BTW Frost. In a perfect world this game will end after we flip Simon’s card.
But If you’re really the assassin, honestly you should just claim it now to save you a struggle.
Because if Simon is the mastermind and there are no deaths while you’re in jail, you know how it’ll end.


It’s fine. You can’t do abilties on jailed ppl so frost can’t be healed tonight, and the night after I will wall him so he can’t be healed that night and he’ll die.

Orrrr we could save ourselves the trouble and just exe him tonight…


Ah yes Strangle the king
N1 Give a debt to Eever
N2 Give a debt to Marl
N3 Give a debt to Marl


That’s my log frost.


Why would a princess randomly say they healed someone N1?


I thought debt was 1 use if it’s unlimited das op af


Lul, Debt is infinitive?


That means Marl is two-shot kill/conversion immune already.


Yep I block negative effects and can make someone death immune gotta say king is OP but again this makes me a target for conversion and death.


Because PKR thought I was Fool.