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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}




Me, Insanity, Noz, Eevee, Agent, Cheese, Dama, Hippo all voted pardon. He’s clear.


yay me.

Mislynch avoided, what about misexecution?


We’ll talk about it.


I would really just let alchemsit claims bomb each other.

If one of them is assassin, they will die. If both are alchemists, both would survive.


Gullible merc.

I am Princess, not alchemist.


Besides since I am poisoned and I am alchemist, it wouldn’t affect me.


So I wouldn’t have shouted, but I did.


5 Votes for Simon currently. 2 more needed to put him on the stand. @3DT_CheesyKnives @Damafaud @Insanity any takers?


But since AgentBoin haven’t proved by healing someone succesfully, his abili is not legit.

The only one who have attempted to kill Simon is KyoDaz.


Oh yea, princess, I forgot, whatever.


So how do I know you are not the assassin, @AgentBoin?


/vote Simon



Expecialy if I become a king and have perma protect on you <3


redirecting suspicions



This is where we flip simon’s card and he is just a 3000000000000 IQ Fool


I wish Strangle isn’t Mad King since you won’t get to become king otherwise.


adds another fool win


Fool isn’t night immune, duh.


what if i was healed?