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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


I didnt say that, I only said psycho wasn’t possible


Desperation? I am not the one who forced them do to it lol. Are you mad?


I am not mad I am just Blue


abade da de da


no, we have 12, majority is 7



Your claim are cringy as hell.


even if it stops at 6 because inno wins in a tie, thats not majority
its winning in a tie
majority =/= amount needed for something to happen necessarily


/vote host


Whatever, I am still not assassin. Thanks to Hippolytus.


rofl you are high. You are not fucking butler how did me targeting you effect the King being poisoned.

You are wasting your breathe trying to convince me you are anything but assassin. Try convince marl or someone.

If anyone read any of my posts they would realise frost had to be the assassin. I don’t even have any extra info I am just putting 2 and 2 together. I literally dont understand how you guys can’t do it too.


/vote Simon


You are high, I never claimed Butler and Dama softclaimed as one and even asks if he want to poison the king.

Assassin poisoned me, remember?


If Frost is not assasin I will never play a FoL again. Such is my certainty that frost must be assassin.


Then why were you going on about how I ruined the butler lmao.


You claimed you if you put pants on fire, you said yes.


Relax, My dude. Frost and I are gonna chat in jail.


I don’t know such things, but if you did place it on king before Butler has chance to poison the king, it will backfire.

Do you admit you put this ability on the king? It’s my intuition.


hes not off the stand as of your post


I mean sure I can spend night with only one PM send, I still need heal the night after


There were 7 pardons, recount them.
He is off the stand.